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From the Archives: KUNG-FU TOONS!

I have come across the writeup of a scenario for TOON by Steve Jackson Games I ran at ConnCon ’97. (The file is dated 1999, but that must be when I typed it up from my handwritten notes. I specifically remember it was 1997 as one day of the con was on April 1st that year 🙂

It’s only 4 pages long, but it ran for the whole 4-hour slot even though I only had 3 players at the table. TOON is good for having to improvise from brief notes; just make sure to watch a bunch of Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry before having to run a game.

Anyway, here it is:

Kung-Fu Toons

(I think I decided to dig up the file because I watched “Enter the Dragon” Thursday night for the first time in several years. The mind of a nerd works in strange ways.)

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Bored while everybody is at GaryCon post

I’ve noticed that a couple weekends a year a lot of the OSR blog posting dries up as some of the more prolific bloggers head off to one of the Old School game conventions.

This weekend is GaryCon. I’m sure in a few days there will be posts-a-plenty about what they played, who they met, what phat loot they scored, etc.

But it’s going to be a slow blog-reading weekend until then.

Maybe I’ll come up with something of my own to post to help fill the drought?

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Day 30: Best DM I’ve Had


Day 30 at last. Somehow I have made it. Links to all posts of the blog challenge.

I’ve only played under 2 DMs since I came back to gaming in 2010.

I’ve run 2 sessions of Labyrinth Lord and 1 session of Marvel Super Heroes in that time. My work schedule rarely works out so I can play with people on “normal” schedules.

I played under a lot of DMs back in the 1990s at game conventions, but a lot of the names don’t stick with me.

I guess I will collectively award the title to “The Knights of the Empire” group from Brooklyn NY. They were a regular fixture running RPGA events around the NY/NJ/CT region. They even had their own little con “Knight Games” they ran for some years.

They also came up to the Hudson Valley to DM for my 2 mini-cons I organized in 1997 and 1998. So, belated thanks to the “2 Daves”, Ruth, Linda, Sean, Ed, and anybody else I have forgotten.

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